Annual Inspections

Take care of the things that weren’t checked

If you’re not getting an annual inspection for your fire safety systems, you’re missing out on crucial checks that could help keep you safe. Not all parts of a system are checked during regular inspections, so make sure your entire system is up to date with an annual check-up from Express Fire Systems Inc.

Get your annual sprinkler check-up for:

We install service and inspect a variety of sprinkler systems, including:

  • Sprinkler heads and spares
  • Pipes and fittings
  • Gauges and valves
  • Backflow preventers
  • And more!

If you think you’re an expert in inspecting sprinkler systems yourself,contact us today and fill out a job application. You might just be the new inspector we’re looking for!


Affordable services

You don’t have to spend more during your annual sprinkler system inspection. Save money and stay safe with the competitive prices at Express Fire Systems Inc.

Stay safe from fire with us

Choose our service for a 12 month warranty today.


Get expert sprinkler inspections with us.